About Spincast

Who we Are

Spincast Films is not just a production house, but an interactive hub for the talented bunch of movie makers and clients. We believe in the phrase two minds don’t think alike, but together with new ideas and suggestions we definitely aim to create Magic. With more than two decades of experience in film as well as advertisement industry we provide the best solutions to our clients keeping in mind the current trends and the demands of the industry.

We Are Spincast

In today’s growing and fast paced world our customers are well informed, empowered, and aware of their surroundings and requirements. With the aid of Digital connectivity and technologically advanced equipment, we aim to create a responsive and frictionless customer experience for our customers.

Our Team

Revita Nair

MD and CEO

Kavita Nair

Chief Learning Officer

Sreenath VP

Creative Director

Indrajith Ramesh

Creative Director

Viji Tampy

Esteemed Panelist

Ramesh Tampy

Esteemed Panelist



Corporate Videos

E-Learning Solutions

Photo-shoots & Designing

Film and TV Production

Animation & Visual Effects


Please note that the stakeholders indicated on our website are effluent and well placed in their social work culture. Their responsibilities and work resumes indicated on our website is to highlight their capability and professional know how. As a part of Spincast Group our professionals are dedicated to provide the best and world-class services to our customers.


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MRA 186A, Dr.Hedgewar Road
Manikanteswaram, Trivandrum